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Issues with new ReadyNAS 314


Issues with new ReadyNAS 314

Hi Just purchased a NEW ReadyNAS 314 off Amazon, set it up but having a few issues

The first was after it had found a new update, it updated it self to 6.2.2 with telling me I find if I try to get onto the Admin page it says "Device OFF Line?" I tried to re-install the OS from the boot menu to no avail hoping that might correct things but it didn't 😞
However if I open a new browser window to type it's IP address in there I can get onto the Admin setup page? however doing it this way I get a Certificate Error which won't go away??
I googled this and it suggested clearing my cache which I did, so now the link to the Admin page will now take me to the admin log-on page but I'm still getting this certificate error??
The other small issue was I was hoping to stream my music and pictures to my iphone? but their app for this is useless..... No ablum art, you can't find albums, no search, and if I stream a video by finding it on the files it plays in portrait mode ie the wrong way around so you get a small picture across the phone screen and it won't rotate!!! Absolutely crap!! I'm thinking of sending the whole thing back if this is the best they can do? Don't these people at netgear test their stuff before selling it to public 😞 I'm not impressed at all
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Re: Issues with new ReadyNAS 314

Hi Paul

Perhaps the page simply needed to be refreshed. When you reboot the NAS you are informed to close the browser window.

The certificate error is because the NAS is generating its own certificate. Not a problem for what a NAS is used for, but it's not issued by one of the trusted authorities on the web (those certificates are not free and are used by e.g. banks, online stores etc.).

Which web browser are you using? There may be a way you can permanently store an exception in your browser. Another alternative is to enable http admin.

Which app are you using for this?

Have you looked into community apps e.g. Plex?

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