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LDAP App v1.0.3 by ReadyNAS Guru


LDAP App v1.0.3 by ReadyNAS Guru

Hi All

Has anyone had any experience with this app? I was wondering is there is any documentation for the app, or should I just read the documents on www.openldap.org?

I want to be able to set-up users, and authenticate them, on the NAS as I have no AD server (just a collection of PCs). Just hoping this be easier to manage than having to set-up/delete users on each PC every time there is a change. I'm assuming this will let me do this.


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Re: LDAP App v1.0.3 by ReadyNAS Guru

I don't know anything about the app, but typically you will need the 'pro' or enterprise version of windows in order to login to a domain/ldp. Ie home/basic/etc versions won't work.
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Re: LDAP App v1.0.3 by ReadyNAS Guru

Anyone have any idea why this app is no longer on the list of apps. After numerous lockups due to firmware, Netgear fixing that, then the drives not mounting after that, total erase drives, then deal with ReadySurveillance that timed out for the demo of 4 cameras while Netgear was screwing with that, I swing back around to install ldap and move forward with this huge of steaming feces.
But it seems that now ldap is no longer an app that is avaliable....am I missing something?
I am not talking about LDAP to AD under "Accounts", I am talking about the App that used to be listed as an option to install. And it was before all of this and I had to format the drives.

Any ideas?
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