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Maximum iscsi lun size on RR4360X


Maximum iscsi lun size on RR4360X

Hi, hopefully a straightforward question. Looking to pick up a RR4360X to use as a backup repository, It wiill connect via iscsi to the backup servers. What i am trying to find out is what is the maximum iscsi lun size on RR4360X?


I can't find anything in the documentation or the datasheet that tells me stuff like that. The OS guide mentions a few models that can't have a lun bigger than 8tb but other than that not a lot.


Any pointers much appreciated.

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Re: Maximum iscsi lun size on RR4360X



If I am not mistaken, your iSCSI LUN can be as big as you want on the RR4360X. If you make a Thick LUN (most common) then you can make it as large as 90% of the total free space left on the NAS.

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