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Re: Migrating from NVx to RN626X00, can't access shares


Migrating from NVx to RN626X00, can't access shares

My ReadyNas NVX recently failed to turn on after a power outage (likely the PSU). After researching I chose to upgrade an purchased the RN626X00 with the understanding that I should be able to migrate the data following the method outlined here.

When I attempted to boot the RN626X00 with the drives from the NVX I get the following error followed by the list of shares
Missing shares detected
The paths for the shares listed below could not be found. Typically, this occurs when the ReadyNAS is unable to access the data volume.



I've done some searching on the here and nothing seems to apply that might help. 

I can ssh into the box and the shares are listed in the directores, but not accessible. Connecting via http to the shares shows no shares available. 


Any suggestions? I've created a support ticket, but I figure I'd try all my options. 



Model: RN626X | ReadyNAS 626X 6-Bay with Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core Server Processor
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Re: Migrating from NVx to RN626X00, can't access shares

Netgear support got me up and running! Thanks Erik!

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