NAS3130 NonResponsive with LED Pattern not in manual

I have a RN3130 with 4 2TB drives in it (RAID 10).  On Friday it crashed; stopped responding to network traffic at all.  We rebooted it and it came back up.  This morning it did the same thing, but when I rebooted it, it stopped responding to the network about five minutes later.  I rebooted it again, and now it's just coming up with only the LAN LED (solid green), and of the four drives, the center 2 have their upper LED Solid Green, and all four have their lower LED solid red.  I assumed this mean it was rebuilding the RAID 10, so I let it sit for six hours, but after no change I gave up and tried to get to the boot menu.  Even that isn't working -- the reset button will just stop the LEDs on the drives from coming on, but won't actually show me the boot menu.  It's worth noting that the Power LED never comes on after this morning, not to blink, not after running for hours.  Attached is a picture of its "resting" state.  Nothing picks it up; RAIDar, HTTP, ICMP, iSCSI, even manually sending ethernet to its MAC IP from the local switch.


I have a new chassis on the way, so I just pray the disks themselves are all right, but I'd like to know what I did wrong here to have a unit die so completely on me, and if there's any way to coax it back to life.

Model: RN3130|READYNAS 3130 1U 4-BAY (DISKLESS)
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Re: NAS3130 NonResponsive with LED Pattern not in manual

I doubt you did anything wrong.


A bad disk could prevent the boot menu from working in some cases. If the boot menu can be reached with the disks removed (label order) that would suggest a bad disk is a strong possibility.


Was your unit registered? If so you should have been contacted re this:


If not a bad disk, it could still be unrelated to the service action e.g. failing PSU.


In any case regardless of whether it’s the service action situation or not your unit should still be under warranty as I believe the RN3130 was released less than 5 years ago so you can’t have purchased it over 5 years ago.

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