NR42200, batch file


NR42200, batch file

Im looking to create a batch file to access my NAS. I did it once before but cant remember how to make it.


I have some notes I too but they make no since to me.


This is what I have.

start wgnplot.exe "c:\path to file to open\foo.dat"

start \\CJP5516\ "c:\NETWORK\CJP5516"

Then name file BAT



My nases name is Zalda

I dont know what network means. does it mean the ip address of the nas?


I have tried many differnent ways tryin gto use the formula , but no luck.

I'm not sure what Im doing wrong.


Ant help or suggestions would be most greatfull.

Thank you

Model: RN422|ReadyNAS 422 2-Bay with up to 20 TB total storage
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Re: NR42200, batch file

It'd be useful if you explain what you are trying to accomplish.


Are you trying to launch a specific application (wgnplot.exe), telling it to open a file on the NAS???  I'm not finding that application with google, the closest thing I see is wgnuplot.


Windows uses a naming convention called UNC (universal naming convention).  A file on the NAS is accessed either with \\nas-name\sharename\filename or \\nas-ip-address\sharename\filename.  Nas-name is the host name of the NAS,nas-ip-address is the ip address of the NAS.  It's important to use the correct slash (\, not /).


You can also specify subfolders using the usual windows convention. 


For example, "\\\Photos\Vacations\2017 Hawaii\IMG_0001.jpg"


This is on the NAS (IP address, in the Photos share.  There's a Vacations folder in Photos, and a 2017 Hawaii folder in Vacations. The quotes around the name are needed because there's a space (2017 Hawaii).  I find it easier to always include the quotes (whether there's a space or not).





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