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No Boot RN 3220 - 12x3Tb


No Boot RN 3220 - 12x3Tb

Hello, I have a Storage RN3220 in the office. since 2015, always updated in the recommended versions.
However, one day, I was signaled that "we do not have access"
In the Rack, the Storage with Orange LED. Strange, I restarted. No access.
Green lights bite 60 times, right after ... Orange LED.
10Mb signal on the network card.
I looked for "how to reset Netgear" on several sites, but it is confusing and always has data loss.
A preview, the discs are Intregros, but they mount the 12x3TB, they are very, very expensive.
Would it be possible to access via serial? maybe a "stuck" boot or something?
I'm in Brazil, very difficult to find support.
Attached pictures: 
Power: GREEN LED-Power-Counts 60 times,
Failure: RED LED - auto restart
Continuos-On: ORANGE LED


Model: RN3220|ReadyNAS 3220 (Diskless)
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Re: No Boot RN 3220 - 12x3Tb

When the power LED goes to amber, does the unit shut down?  Normally, it will, but the unit turning itself back off isn't normal.


What status, if any, do you see in RAIDar when the unit is booting up and when it's in the final state with the amber power LED?


If you pull all the drives (marking them so you can put them back in the same locations), does it behave differently?  If you had not updated to OS6.10.5 before this, then I recommend the diskless boot be without the network cable connected.  If you don't do that, and the NAS has Internet access via that connection, it's going to update the flash to 6.10.5, and that may make things worse, or at least confuse things.  Netgear says that's not supposed to happen, but it definitely does with the 3220 and at least some other units.  If it boots to a green status indicator, then you can connect the cable and see what RAIDar says.  If it says "Healthy" and going to "Offline Setup" just says the NAS has no disks, then the NAS hardware seems like it's probably healthy.


The best next step is to test all the drives using a PC and the drive manufacture's tool for that.  If you have all 12 bays full and large drives, that's going to take a while.


Next, whether you test the drives or decide to skip that, would be an OS re-install.  See How-do-I-access-the-boot-menu-on-my-ReadyNAS-3220-4220 .  An OS re-install is a soft reset and does not affect your data.  Just don't accidentally do a factory default.  It will also change the admin password back to the default of password and may affect your network settings, specifically a static IP (which will be reset to DHCP) and any link aggregation.

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Re: No Boot RN 3220 - 12x3Tb

I just happen to have a recently-acquired 3220 that I'm upgrading to a 4220 equivalent, so I had one to run some tests on.  One thing I found is that it doesn't seem to reset the red fault LED properly.  I booted with no drives and got an initial all green condition but no drives message in RAIDar.  When I re-booted with the drive back in, I got a non-redundant volume error (even though I thought I was only ever using one drive for it) which lit the red fault LED.  I've corrected that error (via SSH, changing the 2-drive RAID1 into a 1-drive RAID1, which is what the NAS uses for JBOD, and all was green after a reboot.  But when I shut it down, the red LED comes on again -- so it looks just like yours does.  Even pulling the power plugs didn't make it stop coming on when I shut it down, though I may not have pulled them long enough.


I'm not at all sure why the fault LED is on at all, especially only when the unit is off, as it was never on before I got the volume error, or just how mine doing this applies to your situation.  But it could be a clue, so I'm posting it.  But mine does still re-boot properly, so something is different with yours.


I'm going to leave the unit unplugged for an extended period and see if that makes any difference.  It can't hurt if you try the same.

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Re: No Boot RN 3220 - 12x3Tb

From what I could see, he must have "bricked" at some point. (always updated)
But I had this idea, mark the HDD, 12x3tb.
Starts it without HDD.
Because the O.S is installed in "Sata DOM... 4Gb I think"
It has a manual, which teaches how to do with the front buttons ...
But after that, put the HDD will recognize?

Ps: checked of the 12 HDD - OK


Model: RN3220|ReadyNAS 3220 (Diskless)
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Re: No Boot RN 3220 - 12x3Tb

The OS that is actually run is installed on the drives, not in flash memory.  That's the point in booting without the drives, to see if the problem is in the unit or the OS on the drives.  You cannot do an OS re-install without the drives installed, because the whole point of an OS re-install is that it re-installed to the drives.

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