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Re: Password Recovery


Password Recovery

I logged in into the ip password recovery page of my Nas. Then it asked for my emailadres and a security question, wich all been correctly answered and the next thing was to check my mail to reset password. So I check it to discover that after many attempts No Mail was being send. Can anyone help me out with this one please?
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Model: ReadyNAS RND2000v2|ReadyNAS Duo v2 Chassis only
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Re: Password Recovery

did you enable email alerts, and also check to see that emails were delivered?


To your main question, you can reset the admin password by doing an OS reinstall from the front panel.


Before you try that, we should confirm your model.  Many v1 owners mistakenly think they have a v2 (the labels are confusing).


a v1 Duo

  • runs 4.1.16 firmware
  • has a part number that ends with -100
  • Just says "Duo" on the front panel

a v2 Duo

  • runs 5.3.x firmware
  • has a part number that ends with -200
  • says Duo v2 on the front panel

Please confirm which model you have (and if neither match, please give us more information on what you have).

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Re: Password Recovery

It sure looks like a v2...
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Re: Password Recovery

It sure looks like a v2...

Then use the OS reinstall procedure that is described on pages 16-17 here: http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/RND2110/ReadyNAS_Duov2_NV+v2_HW_en_23-Mar-12.pdf


That will reset the NAS IP configuration to use DHCP (which is the default).  It will also reset the admin password to password.  Other settings won't be affected.

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