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Please Restore Recycle Bin Functionality


Please Restore Recycle Bin Functionality

On the old ReadyNas Duo and NV+ there was a Recycle Bin. On the newer models the Recycle Bin has been eliminated. Netgear recommends using Snapshots, but they serve an entirely different purpose. I don't need or want snapshots at all since I do full backups every week and don't want to waste space with multiple file versions. With a Recycle Bin if you accidentally delete a file you can get it right back. With the Snapshot you can only get back the version from the last time it was saved, and if it's brand new and you've just done a ton of work on it your'e sunk! Netgear needs to restore Recycle Bin functionality!

Model: ReadyNAS-3100|ReadyNAS-3100
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Re: Please Restore Recycle Bin Functionality

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Your idea to improve the functionality of the new OS 6 product is very much appreciated, we thank you for sharing and interest in this. Though their function might be different, having the traditional recycle bin would be beneficial and useful for those who have used the said feature from the legacy model. I suggest that you post this idea or request at the Idea Exchange board. Adding and getting kudos to this idea will help as development team will be reviewing the post that has the most kudos for considering it to add to the product's future functionality.



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Re: Please Restore Recycle Bin Functionality

There was a thread for re-creating the recycle bin on OS6, but it has not been updated for some time and I don't know if it's still possible with the current versions.

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