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Poor wireless connection to ReadyNAS Pro


Poor wireless connection to ReadyNAS Pro

I have a ReadyNAS Pro 6 running RAIDiator 4.2.22. The system works well over our GiGE wired network and I regularly get 100-130 MB/s. If I try and access from a laptop connected to our network via wireless (various flavors of Intel cards 6250 and 6300) performances drops to 5 MB/s. If I do a test with speedtest.net on the same laptop I easily get 12-15MB/s up and 30+MB/s down so I don't think it's our wireless equipment. I've tried setting the MTU speeds down to 1430/1492/1460 and I see almost no improvement.

I am running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on the desktop

Anyone solve this issue or have some guidance?
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Re: Poor wireless connection to ReadyNAS Pro

speedtest.net reports megabits, not megabytes. so your speedtest results are ~2 MB/second up and ~4 MB/second

The NAS is giving you 40 mbits/second (5 megabytes per second) which is common for 802.11n networks. What router/AP are you using?
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