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Problem App ReadySurveillance


Problem App ReadySurveillance


I bought a ReadyNas 102 and for me (the main reason) was to use it for Surveillance purposes. (have some Axis IP-Cams).
The firmware is 6.1.4

Can access/connect the ReadyNas from my home computer and also by a computer in the same network.
Only problem is, how can I use the ReadySurveillance APP (what is the way to install this).

When I go to APP (at the local network or from my home) and want to install the APP, I always receive a error message.
"Apps operation failed. Application list may be missing or obsolete. Do you want to update this list now?"
If I do this, after a few seconds, there comes a message "Successfully updated application list. You can now install applications".
See preparing packages..... but after a few seconds, again that Apps operation failed".

I'm getting a quite frustrated, because I really don't know how to solve this problem.

Can anyone please help me fixing this problem??

Thanks for your help!


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