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RALUS for BackupExec


I have a problem with my ReadyNAS. the RALUS for BackupExec doesn't work anymore. I can't see it in the favorites ressources in BE2010.
It disappeared just after a backup. I don't understand why.
IP address of the BE server in the NVX is correct. I have update the RALUS add on on the NAS with the Last Version but it's still the same.
I connect to the NAS with SSH in the ralus.cfg , IP address is correct.

I think it's a problem of "publishing" the Agent.
have you got a link to download the old version of RALUS addon .

Thank you.

BE Server : 2008Server x64 - BE2010
NAS : ReadyNAS NVX 4000
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Re: RALUS for BackupExec

I know tihs is an old thread, but anyway currently I have a same consition that I want to take backup from my ReadyNAS storage device using my Backup Exec server running on Windows Server 2008.



How this possible....how did you manage to take backup of your NAS from backup exec server...Please help.

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Re: RALUS for BackupExec

Hi mkmuneer242,


Try this NETGEAR article and see if it helps.



Kind regards,


NETGEAR Community Team

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