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RN104 Retry Startup


RN104 Retry Startup


My RN104 doesn't boot up normally. Display shows "Retry Startup" and Power LED keeps blinking forever.
Tried the following with no luck :
1) Booted up in OS Re-Install which completed successfully but next regular boot again goes to "Retry Startup"
2) Connected each disk drive to a PC and scanned for errors ( used SeaTools from Seagate) and found no disk errors whatsoever.
3) I have 3x3TB disks in X-Raid. Removed one disk with other 2 intact and booted up. Get the same behavior for all the disks.
4) Had a chat with Tech-Support who instructed me to boot via tech support mode which was successful but they couldn't help me further as my device is out of 90 days free support.

Please help !
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Re: RN104 Retry Startup

Did you test booting the chassis without any disk?

Seeing previous cases like the this appears only to be fixed by remote access through SSH/TelNet, so if I were you I would get a one-time fee based support from tech support, unless you have a backup where you can just reset to factory.

see cases:

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Re: RN104 Retry Startup

Hi Nhellie, Thanks for you quick response !
Yes i did boot without disks but got error telling no disks present.
Can you please guide me to or provide me the link to avail one-time only support ?
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