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Re: RN202 Device Communication Error


RN202 Device Communication Error


Just bought a new RN202 for my home. I connected the power and the Ethernet cable to the wifi router, as per instructions, and I accessed https://readycloud.netgear.com/.

It appeared that a New ReadyNAS was discovered and if I want to Setup.

Clicking in setup, appears a message: "Device Communication Error. Failed to update device info. Would you like to retry ?"

Things I tried (none of them worked)
- Clicking Retry
- Powering off, waiting and powering on
- Unplugging everything and plugging everything again
- Changing the cable on the wifi router from one LAN port to another
- Trying to access it through another computer

Nothing worked. Anything else I could try before returning this?
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Re: RN202 Device Communication Error

Try manually setting up the RN202. https://ipaddress will bring you to the admin web page.

RAIDar 6.0 will also find the RN202, and has a control for setup you can use.

After its set up, you can try again with readycloud.
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Re: RN202 Device Communication Error

Try installing RAIDar then to check if the NAS is showing up on the network. If it does not detect the NAS, connect the NAS straight to the computer where you have the RAIDar installed. It should show the status of the NAS and it's current IP address. You will have to put a static IP address on the computer that is with the same subnet of the NAS'

Another way is open a browser then type https://nas-xx-xx-xx in the address bar
where last x is last 6 digits of MAC address of the NAS.

If you are still having trouble doing this, it is best you contact support.
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Re: RN202 Device Communication Error

Trying to access through https://nas-xx-xx-xx as indicated above did the trick.

Many thanks JennC1 and StephenB!
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