RN202 upgrade larger discs


RN202 upgrade larger discs


I have dual 3Tb discs installed in my RN202,  (Total 3Tb of storage) but I am slowly running out of space.  In hindsight, I should have purchased an RN204.

Anyway, I want to swap these out the dual 3Tb discs for dual 6Tb+ discs.

I am looking for documentation on the best way of doing this.

I imagine there are complications with simply swapping the drives out one at a time and letting the discs sync.  I was told it was not that simple.

Where can I find documentation or assistance on how to best perform this upgrade?


Thanks for your help


Model: RN202|ReadyNAS202
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Re: RN202 upgrade larger discs

Actually, with XRAID, it is just that simple.  Expansion is best done as hot swaps -- with the power on.  When you insert the first 6TB, it will sync to the 3TB of the other.  When you insert the second, it will first resync to the 3TB segment of the first and then expand the volume to 6TB.  It is best that the unit stay powered on during the process, so make sure you are using an UPS.  During this process, the NAS may be a bit sluggish, but you should still have access to your data.

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