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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice


RN424 Replacement: need advice

I have been running a RN424 for years with no problem, and I have been very happy with it. I have just found out that the ReadyNAS line has been discontinued. Is this true? Does Netgear offer a current product that I could upgrade to? If not, can you advise a product that I can use to replace the RN424 if and when I need to?





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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice

Netgear has taken the coward's route and not said anything official about EoL'ing the ReadyNAS line. But the writing has been on the wall for a good three years.


There is, unfortunately, no clear or sanctioned migration path beyond the current (and now aging) ReadyNAS models and their OS. Some forum members had expressed hope that Netgear would open source the OS or unlock the BIOS to give owners the very hack-y option of upgrading to a different OS, but both of those solutions look highly unlikely.


Synology and QNAP both make off-the-shelf NAS solutions that might be worth looking into, but they can be pricey.


My replacement for my ReadyNAS 626 will be a homebuilt unit. I'm eyeing a 13th gen Intel i5 with a workstation/server motherboard from Asus or SuperMicro to run TrueNAS. But from what little I've been able to understand of the ZFS filesystem that TrueNAS uses, it's much more finicky and far less flexible than Btrfs.


That's probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but I'm afraid that's where things are at.

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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice

Hello @kmmcd ,

And welcome to the NETGEAR Community! 🙂


NETGEAR will be terminating ReadyCLOUD service by April 1st, 2023.
ReadyCLOUD mobile app, desktop application, and ReadyCLOUD web portal readycloud.netgear.com will all be terminated by April 4th,
2023. After that date, you can continue to access locally your
ReadyNAS, or access locally the USB drive connected to the routers, but
remote access won’t be available.


Also, there might be some other reason please download the logs and provide us so we can check if there is any issue with the NAS that you are using.


Please follow the mentioned steps to get the required logs:
1. Open the NAS Admin GUI
2. Go to system >> Logs
3. Click on Download logs
The log file name will be like this: System_log-jding-716-20220519-084655.zip


From the downloaded logs unzip the log file and provide the systemd-journal.log system.log


Have a lovely day, 
Anisha A
Netgear Team 


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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice

@kmmcd wrote:

If not, can you advise a product that I can use to replace the RN424 if and when I need to?


Netgear seems to be quiet-quitting their NAS business, so likely not a ReadyNAS unless I see a used one that would serve.


Alternatives I'll explore when-and-if the time comes include

  • Synology
  • QNAP
  • Asustor

Another option I'll look at is to just get a USB enclosure, and connect it to a PC. 


Though I'm not actively trying to sort this out today - the landscape could be quite different when the time comes.


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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice

Thank you for the replies. At least there is no rush for me to migrate.


My RN424 is currently running 6.10.7. Is upgrading to 6.10.8 safe? Normally, I would just do the upgrade, but now, with limited technical support for an end of life product, I want to make sure that this upgrade is solid before I perform it.


thanks again

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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice

I can't make any guarantees that upgrading your OS will be without issues, but I've been running 6.10.8 since it was released and it's been fine on both my 314 and my 626. Because the Debian code base that powers ReadyOS is so ancient, it is (in my opinion) unwise not to be running the latest version because of the security fixes that are often bundled with each update.


As for your options, out of curiosity I went and checked out Synology's offerings last night. Their current high-end 6-bay prosumer NAS is almost on a par with my four-year-old (or more?) ReadyNAS 626. The Xeon CPU brings negligible performance gains, and it only has one 10GbE port compared to the 626's 2x 10GbE ports. So, spec-wise, your 424 still probably gives most competing NAS models a run for their money. The Achilles heel of the ReadyNAS is its aging OS. Synology's software gets rave reviews.

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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice

Hello @kmmcd 


Yes, You can upgrade your NAS firmware to 6.10.8 .

Link to download firmware : https://kb.netgear.com/000065170/ReadyNAS-OS-6-Software-Version-6-10-8 

Please find the steps for upgrading or downgrading the Firmware :
1.Download the required firmware image from google browser compatible to your ReadyNAS model.
2.Open the NAS admin UI
3.Navigate to system >> settings >> update
4.Click on Install firmware >> browse the downloaded firmware
5.Click on upload.


Have a lovely day,
Nivedita Pa
Netgear Team

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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice

Actually, you would be better off upgrading to 6.10.9 (https://kb.netgear.com/000065653/ReadyNAS-OS-Software-Version-6-10-9), as it fixes a bug related to app installation.

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Re: RN424 Replacement: need advice

Thanks, @Sandshark. I didn't even known 6.10.9 was out. There was never an announcement in that thread, and my 626 is still reporting the latest firmware from the GUI.


On a related note, this new crop of Netgear "mods" like @NiveditaP is worse than useless. Are they just bots? There doesn't seem to be any actual comprehension of the question or issue, and they risk causing users more problems as a result.

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