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RND2110 v2 will not start up


RND2110 v2 will not start up

Last week I stopped being able to access my ReadyNASRND2110v2 NAS on my network and the unit was powered down.  I tried starting and the hard disk would spool up and stay spinning and I still had no access to my NAS.  The only way I could get it to stop spinning was to unplug it - pressing the start button wouldn't shut it down.


Every time I try to boot the unit up I get the same problem - the NAS keeps spinning the hard disk and does not link to my network.  I have tried to reset by holding the reset button in while powering up but it has no effect.


Please help!

Model: ReadyNASRND2110v2|ReadyNAS Duo v2
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Re: RND2110 v2 will not start up

Do you know what firmware it is running?


Also, can you confirm that it is a v2?  Please read this article first, the labels can mislead you: http://www.rnasguide.com/2012/01/09/how-to-tell-whether-i-have-a-duo-v1-or-duo-v2-or-nv-v1-or-nv-v2/  Many v1 owners mistakenly think they have a v2.

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