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Ready Cloud lost Admin Password, Recovery Not setup


Ready Cloud lost Admin Password, Recovery Not setup

Using Ready Cloud to manage my ReadyNAS 422.  Went to Manage tab, Did a firmware update which went ok. Tried to access Admin page and wouldn't accept my password, and now get error message to reset password but recovery was not set, and at a dead end. Can't access Admin page.

Model: RN4220S|ReadyNAS 4220 2xSFP+ (chassis only)
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Re: Ready Cloud lost Admin Password, Recovery Not setup

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You can try doing an OS reinstall to reset the password to default. Aside from the admin password, this will also reset the network settings to default. This will not erase any data on your NAS.


You may check this article for the steps on how to access the boot menu and select the OS reinstall.



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Re: Ready Cloud lost Admin Password, Recovery Not setup

Something similar happened to me. Something funny happened around 6.10.1 (possibly earlier) where the admin password has been reset. I was able to boot into "tech support" mode, mount the lvm disks (the image that you use based on all of the disks together) using the instructions here: 



After mounting the LVM volume, I edited the /etc/shadow file to replace the root and admin passwords with a "known good" password. Then I was able to reboot and gain access to the admin page. It's taken me several hours to find out what happened and how to fix it. 

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