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Ready NAS RND 4000 mounted on a Mac


Ready NAS RND 4000 mounted on a Mac

Can anyone help me mount a NAS to my Mac?


I can see it in the Network options, but it won't mount for me. I am hoping it's a simple fix. It's honestly been so long since I needed to access it, I can't remember how and the process makes no sense to me. Any help is appreciated.

Model: RND4000 (ReadyNAS NV+ v1)|READYNAS NV+ v1 (DISKLESS)|EOL
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Re: Ready NAS RND 4000 mounted on a Mac

If you are running a recent version of MacOS, then you need to enable AFP on the NAS shares, and use AFP to connect with finder.


The NV+ only supports SMB1, which Apple has deprecated.

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