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Ready NAs 104: issues with VPN (PIA)


Ready NAs 104: issues with VPN (PIA)

Good afternoon,


I've using a VPN (PIA) for about 2 years and a ReadyNAS 104 longer.


After PIA updated its software several months ago, I could not connect ReadyNAS with the network. The onyl way to make it work is disconnect the VPN for a couple of minutes, reconnect the ReadyNAs to the network and activate the VPN. When I shupdown or restart my PC I have to repeat the process.


I spoke with PIA support and I was told that they do not support NAS.


I bypassed the ReadyNAS but that does not solve the issue.


I will appreciate any suggestion to solve this issue








Model: RN104|ReadyNAS 100 Series 4- Bay
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Re: Ready NAs 104: issues with VPN (PIA)

See https://openvpn.net/community-resources/how-to/#scope to expand your VPN to other local devices.  Installing OpenVPN on the NAS is another option if you want the NAS to be able to access the internet via the VPN.

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Re: Ready NAs 104: issues with VPN (PIA)

Thank you for your assistance.


I need only local connectivity without having to use the workaround (disconnect, reconnect VPN).


I have Plex server in my PC (the only PC with VPN) and when I lose connectivity with my ReadyNAS, my local network devices and PCs  lose access to the NAS as well.


I use PIA (Private Internet Acess)

      - Protocol is set to openVPN as apposed to WireGuard (tried both)

      - PIA is set to allow LAN traffic

      - My ReadyNAS IP is also set to bypass the VPN.


Thank you again for your suggestion. I will read the OpenVPN article.






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