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Ready Nas DUO v2 Boot issue after power outage


Ready Nas DUO v2 Boot issue after power outage

I have a Ready NAS v2 which I have been using successfully for the past ~2 yrs.

Events as they took place:

- 2wks ago,there was a power outage at the house and the unit was running off the APC backup power. I pressed the power button on the front of the unit to turn it off and it was unresponsive. I pressed multiple times, held it etc to no avail. the unit wouldn't power down.
- so I pulled the plug. it turned off.
- Today I went to power it on and the power button was unresponsive. I read through several posts and read about the timing issues. I didn't recall setting a timer but thought this may be the issue.
- I pulled it apart, removed the battery, let it sit for ~10 min, re-assembled and wa-la it powered back on. (without any discs installed)
- The power light now comes on.. . . I push the power button and it doesn't power down, doesn't do anything. no blinky light or troubleshooting codes (at least that I can detect)
- I checked RADAIR and it detected the device, "no discs detected"
- I plugged HD 1 into the first position, (while it was ON). The unit did not detect the drive. the HD did power up and spun, it sounded good, no clicky sounds.
- checked RADAIR, it detected the unit but no drives.
- I tried accessing the admin page from the browser (futile, i know)
- went to power down and the power button is unresponsive,
- So i pulled the plug again.
- And again it wont power up.

- I don't want to repeat all these processed again. . . .

Any help would be appreciated. . . .

Duo V2,
I do NOT know the software/firmware version. (its been working, so I haven't checked in a while)
2x WD 1.0TB Caviar Black (purchased as a matched set with the unit)
dedicated APC
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Re: Ready Nas DUO v2 Boot issue after power outage

Sounds like either a problem with the drive or the chassis as a result of the power outage.
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