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Re: ReadyNAS 102 Not Found BY RAIDar After Power Outage


ReadyNAS 102 Not Found BY RAIDar After Power Outage

There was a short power failure today and the ReadyNAS102 was off when the power came back up. I restarted it and now I am unable to access the drives or the admin screen.


I can ping the IP address successfully. I did a soft shutdown and the ReadyNAS 102 sent me an email notification. RAIDar can not identify it on the network, I can't access it by the admin page and FTP connection is refused.


I keep the ReadyNAS firmware up to date when there is a notification. I believe the firmware is currently 6.9.4.


Any advice to help me access the information on this device and get this working properly again is sincerely appreciated.

Model: RN10222D|ReadyNAS 100 Series 2- Bay (2x 2TB Desktop)
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Re: ReadyNAS 102 Not Found BY RAIDar After Power Outage

Hi ReadyJoe,


Can you boot the NAS to Volume Read-only? Check if RAIDar can detect the NAS and if you can access it when it is on that mode. You may check this link for the steps on how to access the boot menu and select the Volume Read-only.



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Re: ReadyNAS 102 Not Found BY RAIDar After Power Outage

Hi there,


I wasn't able to boot when the disks were in the drive. I could boot and also reach an admin page when the drives were removed.


After doing some searching around in the forum and really not getting anywhere I signed up for Gearhead support and we are on the road to recovery. The steps they took to identify and correct the issue, which is still ongoing but I know my data is there and it's just a matter of rebuilding the directories so I can see them in http, smb, ftp, etc, are not something that I would have been able to do myself. The Gearhead support is a good investment, the price is reasonable and it's great to be able to talk to a real person on the phone who can help.


For the benefit of other people that experience my issue I will try and find some time to get back in this thread and more fully describe everything I experieced with this issue. If you are having the problem I described and you don't see more information from me on it ping me in this thread to remind me to get back in here to explain what's been going on. It's not fun when you think you might have lost 1TB of data so to help relieve some anxiety and stress for those that aren't techically proficient enough to do what the Gearhead support guys are doing I'll explain why I decided not to wait and simply signed up for some out of warranty technical support. I have to catch up with time lost from yesterday because of this issue but I'll try and get back in here to do the follow up report because I know it will help someone. I'm always disappointed when I read a thread that says, 'it's all good now' and there's no information on how that was achieved.

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