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ReadyNAS 316 adding new HDD


ReadyNAS 316 adding new HDD



ive added/inserted a new 2TB HDD on my ReadyNAS 316, after turning it powering it ON i cant seem to access the admin page.


how long should it take to access the admin page, was it doing the syncing on my new HDD?


below is the snapshot on RAIDar.





Model: RN31662D|ReadyNAS 316 6-Bay 6x2TB Desktop Drive
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Re: ReadyNAS 316 adding new HDD

It looks like something went wrong with your screenshot posting (it isn't in the moderator queue, so something else must be going on).


It should boot up fairly quickly after this - not sure what is going on.  Adding a disk does involve a brief test, followed by a resync.  The system performance (including the web ui) does suffer some, but it should still boot.  Is there anything on the LCD panel? 


If it continues, I think you'll need to power down the NAS and pulling the disk drive.  After that I suggest testing it in a Windows PC with vendor tools (seatools for Seagate; lifeguard for Western Digital).  You can connect the disk to the PC either with SATA or with a USB adapter/dock.


FWIW, we normally recommend hot-inserting new disks (NAS running).

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