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ReadyNAS 4 IP address issue


ReadyNAS 4 IP address issue

Greetings, all (and thanks much for the potential help).
Until 10 minutes ago, my home setup worked just fine. The IP address assigned to my ReadyNAS had been I wanted to move the unit, so I powered it down, unplugged the network cable, the power, the usb connected to the backup source, etc. I moved it, and plugged everything back in. The box is now showing an IP of and I cannot connect. My Almond+ router is not showing it as a connected device. The Raidar utility shows the ReadyNAS on the network and shows the 1.100 IP address, but when I try to get to it via the broser, it cannot be found. Thus this post. I am sure there's an easy fix here, but it's beyond me. If possible, I want the box to use the existing address because other things are configured to look there -- Plex, portable devices, etc.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: ReadyNAS 4 IP address issue

You are using DHCP in the NAS?

Is the NAS directory connected to the router, or is it connected to an intermediate device? If so, what is that device? From the symptoms it sounds like you are double routing (and NAT in the intermediate router is blocking the connection).
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