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ReadyNAS 600 eternal file system check


ReadyNAS 600 eternal file system check

The NAS glitched out during a weekly Windows backup and the file system check was still going after two full days. It would get to around 7-9% done and restart. I had to bypass the file system check so I could use the thing again.

Everything seems to check out--no SMART errors, nothing remotely interesting in the logs in FrontView--but this isn't the first time this has happened. I've had it and the drives in it for over six years now so I'm concerned about its health.

I saved the system logs if it helps.
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Re: ReadyNAS 600 eternal file system check

You could try doing a backup (and saving the config) and doing a factory default/restore. Though it would be prudent to replace the drives while you were at it.
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