ReadyNAS NV+ v2 Device Failure #25478303


ReadyNAS NV+ v2 Device Failure #25478303

My ReadyNAS has died and I need to recover the data on the disks. What other ReadyNAS devices are sufficiently compatible so that I can transfer the disks and it'll just work?

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Re: ReadyNAS NV+ v2 Device Failure #25478303

One would need more info than what you have provided to confirm it has died e.g. whether there is any response when you try to turn it on or not. If you can't boot it into the mode support asked you to boot it into with your disks installed can you boot into it if you power off and remove your disks (label order) first?


If you were the original purchaser and purchased it when you said you did it would still be under the 3 year limited hardware warranty.


The disks can be migrated to another NV+ v2 (note it must be a NV+ v2, not a NV+ v1). The NV+ v2 has a charcoal chassis and an external PSU.

However for recovery using a newer model data recovery would be required. Support can explain what is involved. You would need to be careful not to insert the disks into the NAS until prompted to by support. Support would need to remotely login into the NAS.


You could attempt recovery using an ordinary x86 Linux machine, however if the array is in a bad way and you mess things up that may seriously affect your chances of data recovery.

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