ReadyNAS Photo II Sesstion Expired for Security Reasons

Hi All,

Got another strange one when using Photo II, if I use a windows pc to view my photos, all is fine, but if I use an IOS device or an Android device, I just get a session expired for Security Reasons

that's usually running, and I can view all images on a Windows PC, at home at the office, friends....all ok no problems.

Try a mobile phone / Tablet, IOS or Android and after 20 seconds if that, the web page loads with the session timeout error.

Anyone got any ideas on what I can change or anything as its very annoying when trying to show people

ReadyNAS Ultra 6 Plus :: 6x Seagate/WD Drives (7.4TB) in X-RAID2 :: 4096 MB :: JFSmiley SurprisedFF :: CPU:E5300 :: 4.2.27
ReadyNAS Pro :: Seagate and WD Drives :: 4096 MB :: JFSmiley SurprisedFF :: CPU:E5300 :: 4.2.26
ReadyNAS Pro :: 5x Seagate Drives 4TB (14.54 TB) in X-RAID2 :: 1024 MB :: JFSmiley SurprisedFF :: CPU:5300 :: OS6.5.0-T388
ReadyNAS Ultra 4 Plus :: 4x1TB Hitachi : 6.4.2
Router :: Virgin Super Hub
Switch :: Netgear GS724
Desktop :: Core i7 4820k @3.70Ghz : 32GB Ram : HDD 256GB San Disk SSD : NIC Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit : Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit :
UPS :: APC Smart-UPS 1500

ReadyNAS NV+
ReadyNAS Duo v1
ReadyNAS Ultra 2
ReadyNAS NV+ V2
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