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ReadyNAS Pro 4 add-ons issue


ReadyNAS Pro 4 add-ons issue

I have 2 ReadyNAS NVX and a ReadyNAS Pro 4.

They are all set up identically in terms of interface (other than IP obviously).

if I try to view available add-ons In FrontView, the 2 NVX's work fine
But on the Pro 4 it just gives me the error...

"The available add-ons cannot be displayed as there is no internet connectivity."

Yet this isn't true, as the NAS is able to send email alerts, and if I ssh in and ping google, it resolves and pings just fine

What could be causing this?
I've tried a force refresh in browser but its not a cached error page (also confirmed via Chromes network tab)
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Re: ReadyNAS Pro 4 add-ons issue

hi carpii,

You may want to look at this:


Hope this will help.
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Re: ReadyNAS Pro 4 add-ons issue

Thanks for the suggestion.

I cant see any obvious problem with DNS (It was able to resolve google etc from command line), and so I guess I will try a firmware reinstall.

Interestingly, I use DHCP for all my NAS's but I notice if you assign a static IP to the NAS, there's no way to actually assign a DNS server manually via FrontView. At least I couldn't find a way.

Ive also just noticed that the 2nd NIC in the NAS has an IP assigned, but has the same gateway as the first NIC even though its not on that subnet.
This cannot be right, and I don't know how its ended up like that. I suspect this might be the root cause somehow
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