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ReadyNAS Ultra 4 stuck on booting [Resolved]


ReadyNAS Ultra 4 stuck on booting [Resolved]

After adding 2x 2TB drives to an existing 2x 2TB to my Ultra 4 (all in the compatibility list), then performing a factory reset, I got stuck on "Booting...".
RAIDar sees the ReadyNAS when it is in factory reset mode and I can format or erase the disks, but once completed, it reboots and gets stuck on booting again.
I received this error when formatting the disks:

ERR: Could not p
Create C: 23%

ReadyNAS is always pingable when on, but RAIDar can only connect when in factory reset mode.
The webpage only displays error connection refused.
Booting with 0 drives displays the no disk detected.
Booting with any other amount of drives just boots forever.
Going into tech support mode just returns DebugMode[53842] which is apparently fine according to support.
I checked each drive individually and all appear fine and working.

I contacted support on this issue, but they could not resolve it and I only had the option of paying for level 3 support.

After reading through some threads on this forum, I contacted the user mdgm on this issue.
I received a reply within an hour and after a few mails I set the device into tech support mode, and he had the issue resolved in 10 minutes!
Apparently the problem was the firmware was corrupt on the internal flash.

Just want to say a big thank you to mdgm, the service he provided was fast and efficient and this community is lucky to have him!
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