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ReadyNAS can't rebuild raid


ReadyNAS can't rebuild raid

Have a outdated product ReadyNAS NVX buisiness edition. 


There is an error rebuilding RAID when adding a new disk to array. Was trying hot (according to manual) and cold spare, all the result is an error:


The RAID sync is complete on volume C. The array is still in degraded mode, however. This could be due to a disk sync error or to disk failure in a peer array.


After all tries the array looks like this:




There is a problem adding a disk in the array

Anyone had any similar problems and solutions for them?


Model: RNDX4000|ReadyNAS NVX Chassis only
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Re: ReadyNAS can't rebuild raid

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Re: ReadyNAS can't rebuild raid

Embedded images need to be manually approved, so there is a delay before they are shown.


I suggest downloading the log zip file from the admin web ui, as there is a lot more information in there than is shown on the screen.  


Did you test the disk before inserting it?  I normally use vendor tools (lifeguard in this case) - first running the long non-destructive test, and then the full erase test.  You need to run that in a Windows PC (connecting the disk with either SATA or a USB adapter/dock).



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Re: ReadyNAS can't rebuild raid

What OS version are you running, and what version were you running when you first put the unit in service? 


That is an advanced format drive, and there is conflicting data on whether it supports 512e sectors (maybe via a jumper).  The WD data sheet doesn't mention it.  But most drives of that generation did support them.


I recall there being a point in RAIDiator development before which advanced format drives were not supported and there is also a point at which to use certain functions one must do a factory default, but I don't recall the specifics.

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Re: ReadyNAS can't rebuild raid

Thanks everyone I backed my data up, deleted the array, changed the slots from 2,3 to 1,4 and raid was built successfully. Anyway it's very rare and old device. Maybe not most fine method but array in the healthy mode now.


Disk SMART was ok.

btw RAIDator 4.2.31

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