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ReadyNAS sharing internal vs. external access


ReadyNAS sharing internal vs. external access

We have users in our office which need full access to our ReadyNAS via the Macs we supply them. But when they go home, they shouldn't have the same level of access from their personal home computers, and certainly shouldn't be syncing all of the company's files there. With this ReadyCloud thing, it seems like the user always has the same level of access. Heck, it even circumvents our network-level permissions by delegating ReadyCloud as an intermediary connection.


Is ReadyNAS (ReadyCloud) useful in such circumstances? Basically, is it useful for businesses which need any level of security on its files? How does one set it up?

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Re: ReadyNAS sharing internal vs. external access

ReadyCLOUD is primarily aimed at home users. For one thing you can't both use Active Directory mode and ReadyCLOUD on the one NAS.


You can lock down shares to only be accessible from certain hosts as well as locking down the user permissions. I haven't tested to see how this affects ReadyCLOUD access.

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Re: ReadyNAS sharing internal vs. external access

Thanks for you reply. It's too bad that ReadyCLOUD doesn't have more granular permissions. It is so close to being a good solution for small business.

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