ReadyNas 3138 SATA 4TB Volume Degraded


ReadyNas 3138 SATA 4TB Volume Degraded


We currently have a SATA 4TB flashing red in the server room, looking at admin it is saying the volume is degraded. 

Scrolling through past comments, some say this means that RAID redundancy will not work.

I'm not sure how often balance, or scrub gets performed on the device. 

Would performing this make any difference or would it be a waste of time?

In addition, if I carried out a balance, what effect might that have to any on going processes? 


Many Thanks for any help provided, apologies if the answer is already out there.


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Re: ReadyNas 3138 SATA 4TB Volume Degraded

Your screen shot shows only one disk.  I'm thinking there is a second disk installed in the NAS that has failed or was removed - otherwise the degraded volume message makes no sense.


You can run a balance with no problem.  A scrub consists of two pieces - a btrfs scrub and a raid scrub.  The raid part would be skipped due to your degraded volume.


But you'll need to deal with the failed or missing disk to fix the degraded volume problem.

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