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ReadyNas NV+ expansion bigger drives


ReadyNas NV+ expansion bigger drives

Hi there,

I have a readynas nv+ and currently have 3 1TB seagate drives in it using xraid. I will shortly be adding a 4th drive, which is fine as I have done it before no problems. My question is tho, once I have all 4 bays filled I will naturally want to expand, my question is can I just replace one of the drives with a new 2TB drive and get the additional TB of storage or will it still treat it as a 1TB drive until I replace all the drives with 2TB drives?

Hope that makes sense! Thanks!!
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Re: ReadyNas NV+ expansion bigger drives

X-RAID on Sparc ReadyNAS e.g. your NV+ (v1) uses the capacity of the smallest disk. So you would need 4x2TB disks for vertical expansion. Of course you would replace one disk at a time and wait for the resync to complete before replacing the next disk. 2TB disks are the max capacity supported by your NAS.
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