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ReadyNas upgrade


ReadyNas upgrade

I have decided it's time to replace my ReadyNas Ultra 2.  A six months ago it started logging errors:

Unexpected Enclosure Status:  V+12 power is out of normal range [expected: 12.00  current: 10.98].


I ignored it and within a couple of weeks one of my drives was dead. I thought it was the (Seagate) drive that was the problem so installed two new Seagate drives.  All was good for about two months, then the error appeared again and within days one of the drives was dead.


Time to upgrade.


Can I move drives to ReadyNas 102/104/202 ?


I add this as a new topic as it seems that ignoring the voltage issue does result in dead drives.

Model: ReadyNASRNDP200U|ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Plus Chassis only
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Re: ReadyNas upgrade

It needs to be a x86 model. See http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/29957/~/readynas%3A-migrating-disks-from-raidiator-4.2...


The following are our x86 OS6 models:






RN526X (just released)

RN626X (just released)

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Re: ReadyNas upgrade

Well, I had another disk die before I could proceed .... it, too will be replaced by Seagate under warranty but I note that the HDD compatibility list I printed a few months ago when I bought the drives differs from the current version and the drives I was using are not now included in the Ultra 2 compatibility list.  Going with WD red drives now.  Maybe I didn't need to buy a new NAS system after all   - but it's done now.


I purchased a RN104 and am partway through copying files from the old NAS using rsync. (I replaced the dead Seagate HDD in the Ultra 2 with WD red and the raid rebuilt first).


Rsync is slow but seems to work OK.   I found the information at  How do I back up data from a RAIDiator 4 system to a ReadyNAS OS 6 system? very helpful - and easier than the link indicated in mdgm's response.


I have successfully copied every share except one and it doesn't seem to matter what I do I can't get a rsync connection to the old NAS for that one share.  The share name that will not connect is 'backup' - perhaps the share name is the reason?   I will try copying the files using my ftp client as that looks like it will work.


So far I'm relatively happy with the process but would have been happier if file dates hadn't been changed.


This grandma doesn't  really need two NAS systems for me, myself and I  so I'll sell the older NAS on ebay - sans HDDs. 



Model: RN104|ReadyNAS 100 Series,RNDU2000 |READYNAS ULTRA 2 |EOL
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Re: ReadyNas upgrade

If the system is still working the article you found is easier yes.

If it's dead then the article I linked to would have been the way to go.

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