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Readynas Pro & Duo Disappear from Network Places


Readynas Pro & Duo Disappear from Network Places


I access my Readynas' via Network in Windows Explorer rather than mapping individual shares. I use the Duo as a backup and the Pro as the main device. This method has worked perfectly until the last week. Both Readynas' now do not show up as devices in Network places but are seen by Radiator and the active media streaming servers (Plex and Logitech) are seen. Media can be streamed no problem and IP address is fixed from O2 router via DHCP without any issues. There has been no changes to the network.

I have tried reinstalling the Pro firmware to 4.2.24 and this seemed to work last night (with Duo reappearing after Pro fw resinstall, ie. no intervention on the Duo) but then tonight has disappeared again. I've tried reinstalling firmware, rolling back to 4.2.23, changing NIC connection on Pro, restarting Pro, restarting router but no joy this evening.

Any ideas?
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