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Readynas Ultra Offline - Little Help?


Readynas Ultra Offline - Little Help?

Hi guys.

Readynas Ultra 2 on OS6.2.
When i connect via browser i get the device is offline message.

On the unit the piwer light is blinking and the Act light is flickering. No drive lights.

Any ideas?

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Re: Readynas Ultra Offline - Little Help?

I see you were running OS6 previously with some addons. Did this start when you installed 6.2?
Do you have a backup?
Does raidar see the nas?
Were you still using jbod as you said in another thread?

I would power down and test the disks using vendor tools first, although this doesn't sound like a disk problem.

I think there have been reports of users having problems with OS6.2 on legacy hardware when they have addons.

I see that your attention was drawn to the implications of using OS6 on legacy hardware. You may be heading for another factory default.

Back it up. Use UPS.
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Re: Readynas Ultra Offline - Little Help?

Hi vandermerwe,

Yeah, so a legacy model, tweaked for OS6. Failed after an automatic update. After a month of messing around I saw last night that 6.2.2 was available.
I upgraded to this an boom, all back to normal! I've tried to log in today and it's back to the old offline message.

I don't have back up, though in the process of getting a 4TB external for this purpose. All the data was there for the brief time I had it back up and running.
Raidar does see the NAS and yes just using JBOD.

Interestingly, I noticed when I went to re-launch the Plex app it gave me a fail message. I uninstalled it and re installed it and launched OK. So I'm starting think there may be a conflict with Plex?!
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Re: Readynas Ultra Offline - Little Help?

plex survived my upgrade to 6.2.2 (running on my RN102)
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Re: Readynas Ultra Offline - Little Help?

Do you have SSH enabled?

If not it would be a good idea to enable this so some troubleshooting can be done if you see the "Device is Offline" error message again.
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