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Replacement NAS (downunder)

I need to replace a failed Pro (

V+12 voltage in enclosure Internal is out of spec. (10.72 V).

) despite replacing with two differe power packs (which run hot). All backups to it now fail

All backups to it now fail suggesting to me the unit is no longer reliable.


I can get a new bur discontinued NAS 31400 (which I already have and like) or a 214. I know they use different cpu's and I like the ARM's 'remember last state on power resume' feature.


I'm not interested in apps - just data storage and backups.


Can anybody suggest why I should choose one over another?


Interest in your opinions - thanks.



Model: RN21400|ReadyNAS 214 Series 4-Bay (Diskless),RN31400|ReadyNAS 300 Series 4-Bay
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Re: Replacement NAS (downunder)

@davidr1 wrote:


Can anybody suggest why I should choose one over another?



There's not much performance difference.


The RN314 will give you a couple of "Business NAS" features - for instance ReadyDR and file search.  

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Re: Replacement NAS (downunder)

Thanks StephenB.


Re the Business features - File search I thought would be useful but frankly I've never used it.


The 314 I was hoping to secure has, regrettably, gone out of stock. :-)


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