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Security Subscription


Security Subscription

Hi I brought a router last year and had the security on it. This year in June I moved and don't use the router anymore due to new place not having internet included anyways I didn't realize I signed up for the auto renewal for the security and it came out of my account. It was part of my rent. 😞 I sent them a message on Tuesday and haven't heard anything back yet. Is there a way I can cancel it myself if I plug in the router? The app won't let me in the settings or anything without the internet working. Also how can I delete my card information out of the website?


Thank you


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Re: Security Subscription

This forum area is for ReadyNAS storage products, not routers - so you have posted it in the wrong place.


There are several forum areas for routers (depending on the model), so you could look for them and repost it.  Or hope the mods will move your post to the appropriate forum.

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