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Shares Not Connecting on Some Windows 10 PCs at Startup


Shares Not Connecting on Some Windows 10 PCs at Startup

We have had two Windows 7 PC's and one Windows 10 PC connecting to our NAS for a few years now.  Never an issue.  Recently, I upgraded the Windows 7 PC's to Windows 10 via a software download from Microsoft that appreared to go fine., once enabled SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support in "Turn Windows Features On or Off"


The problem is that whenever a user turns off their PC and then turns it back on, the PC cannot see any of the shares on the NAS.  If they then Restart the PC without turning it off, usually the Shares come back up and work fine until they turn of the PC again. Sometimes they have to restart 2-3 times before the shares work.  The PC that was always Windows 10 works fine at all times.


Note, they can see the ReadNAS on the network; it's the shares that are inaccessible. We map drives to these shares, and they have a red x on them.  However, even shares that are accessed directly don't seem to work.


Is there a way to fix this? Thanks. -John


Model: RND2000v2|ReadyNAS Duo v2 Chassis only
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Re: Shares Not Connecting on Some Windows 10 PCs at Startup

If you are mapping the drives based on the NAS name, try substituting the IP address (assuming it's fixed via reservation in your router or static IP in the NAS).  I've had all kinds of intermittent issues with addressing via name, and I see others in various forums with similar issues on entirely different Linux based systems being accessed by a Windows 10 PC.


You can also try disabling fast start-up in Win10.  Maybe that's the difference between the configuration that works all the time and the other.

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