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Standard Admin Password ?


Standard Admin Password ?

Hi All,

i'm trying to get access to the .app folder using windows.

so I've tried to map the "hidden" data share using the admin account, but the password doesnt seem to work ?

I'm using the following code to map the drive:-

net use z: \\\data /user:admin

And when it askes me for the password i have tried the following but to no avail:-

1) netgear1
2) password
3) admin
4) infrant1

Also I can log into frontview just fine using the admin account ?

Is there a new password ?


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Re: Standard Admin Password ?

The default for the OS6 platforms like the RN314 is "password". Normally you'd reset the password when you install the NAS. It is the same password as you use for the web ui.

If you simply forgot the password, you can try the password recovery in the NAS (assuming you set that up!). Or you can do an OS reinstall from the front panel (NOT a factory reset). The reinstall will reset the IP configuration to use dhcp, and will reset the admin password to "password". It shouldn't harm your data or installed apps.
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