Streaming services disappeared, settings can't be modified

Interesting things happening on my ReadyNAS Ultra 4.

Yesterday I went into Raidiator (4.2.26) to rescan my streaming services. The button stayed grey and never came back (usually takes about 30 minutes).

When I went back into Raidiator (4.2.26), my streaming services page is now blank (refresh does nothing). When I try to change any settings, they are not saved (I check a box, Apply, and the blue box spins and stops), but the (any) setting is not saved. When I try to shutdown and reboot, nothing happens. The status page shows all green.

When I go into Raidar [4.3.8], my ReadyNAS shows as unavailable (no green lights, no lights at all), but I can still access it from both my Mac and PC. Through Finder and Explorer I can see the drive and the contents.

Any ideas?
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Re: Streaming services disappeared, settings can't be modifi

It could be a full OS partition. Did you ever run the add-on to shift the ReadyDLNA database to the data volume?

Do you have SSH enabled?

If it is a full OS partition (and SSH is not enabled), Netgear can fix it remotely (some here might offer that as a courtesy, will likely charge).

You ought to back up the data volume while you can still access it (warning - it might not remain available). Then you also have the option of doing a factory reset.
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Re: Streaming services disappeared, settings can't be modifi

dsteak, I sent you a PM this afternoon. Please check your PM inbox.
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