Tivo can't see all my .Tivo files on WNDR3800

I've used the Tivo support on the WNDR3800 router for awhile with no problems. I had 21 .Tivo files there in the past. I recently moved and upgraded my Tivo Series 2 to Premiere 4. Other than that and the ISP, all the hardware and software is the same. I put 2 new .Tivo files on the network drive. I first pulled them from Tivo using Tivo Desktop. Then I copied them to the network folder -- same as always. They are not seen by my Tivo. I get the menu item and see the top-level folder just fine, but when I navigate to the Tivo folder, there are only 21 files there, not 23. I connected the USB drive to my PC to verify that there are indeed 23 .Tivo files.

I also noticed initially that the folder contents were stale when viewed from the Tivo. I had deleted a lot of non-Tivo archive stuff somewhere along the way, but WNDR3800 drive still showed that stuff. After a series of reboots and such, the non-Tivo stuff is refreshened, but the missing 2 .Tivo files are still missing.

Have not a clue what to look at! Not a techie.

Oh yea, the network is slightly different from previous setup... using a Moca network vs. wi-fi. But this drive is USB, so I think moca/wifi not relevant.

Router firmware is V1.0.0.44
Readyshare read/write is all access no password
Advanced setting has Automatic scan for new content is set.
The help popup (yes, I actually read it!!) says "You can also click Rescan media files to delete current database and do a whole new scan immediately." but no such click is available. Probably that help popup goes with a readynas device rather than my wndr3800.
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