Unnecessarilly scary message at shut-down


Unnecessarilly scary message at shut-down

I inadvertently left a web interface open on my system running OS6.1.9 when it was scheduled to shut down. I wasn't there at the time, but I returned to find a message that could have really scared an uninformed user. I wish now I'd taken a screen shot, but it said something to the effect that communications was lost, I should not try to re-connect, and I should contact Netgear support! Really? All because I was connected to the Web UI when a scheduled shut-down occurred?

I really think it should just warn you a scheduled shut-down is about to occur and maybe even give you an option to postpone it. Maybe it's been toned down in newer versions of the OS. I haven't upgraded because I need ReadyNAS Remote capability to goo along with 4.x systems. But if it hasn't, you should at least add "If this is not a scheduled shut-down, then" to the beginning of that message.
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Re: Unnecessarilly scary message at shut-down

Yes big improvement were done in this area on 6.2.x builds. It now has differnet messgaes based on what was reason for shutdown. New fail safe methods that allow UI to come back online. and lastly a new raidar utility that can help in last resort cases of UI issues

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