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Update SLL


Update SLL

I have happily and successfully run the Logitech Media Server sofware on my ReadyNAS 314 for many years.

In the lastest update (LMS 8.2.0) I am having problems with the interface - the additional LMS Apps, such as Spoty for Spotify,  are not visible.

The LMS guru Michael Herger is saying that this is becvause I am running an obsolete bersion of SSL on the RN314, 2.002 to be precise. 


I have tried to reinstall / update Perl SSL on my ReadyNAS 314 using PuTTY with the commands:

apt-get update
apt install libio-socket-ssl-perl

It appears to succeed but I still SSL version 'IO::Socket::SSL: 2.002'

Does anyone know how to get a more recent version of SSL on a ReadyNAS 314?

Model: RN31441D|ReadyNAS 300 Series 4- Bay (4x 1TB Desktop)
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Re: Update SLL



The current Debian version running on ReadyNAS is Debian 9 in which libio-socket-ssl-perl 2.002 is the latest it is supporting, this might explain why the package update is still showing SSL: 2.002. An option would be to build the latest version of the libio-socket-ssl-per package.


Here are some links that may help you with if you plan to rebuild the libio package to get a higher version than 2.002


Source code

Guide on creating and setting up environment to build the libio-socket-ssl-perl package

Other users may be able to help and chime in and share.


Hope this helps!

Model: RN31400|ReadyNAS 300 Series 4- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: Update SLL

I really appreciate the help, but that documentation goes way over my head.

Is there an instruction set for dummies? 

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Re: Update SLL

I managed to do all that, and I have an updated SSL - BUT my ReadyNas will no longer connect to the outside world.  It has an internal IP address, and I can see it though my browser, but it says it is unable to obtain an IP address, and does not see the Internet.

Any ideas? 

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