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Re: Upgrade Ultra 4 to OS 6


Upgrade Ultra 4 to OS 6

Would someone please help me upgrade my Ultra 4 from os 4 to os 6?

Currently running RAIDiator 4.2.26. 

Bios ver: 05/19/2010 ReadyNAS-NVX-V2 V1.8

I can't seem to find out what I need to do.



Model: ReadyNAS RNDU4000|ReadyNAS Ultra 4 Chassis only
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Re: Upgrade Ultra 4 to OS 6

Optional: You have an old BIOS and can update the BIOS using this add-on. It's easiest to update the BIOS whilst still on RAIDiator.


To upgrade to OS6 follow the steps in the 3rd post of this thread


Note this upgrade is not supported and you do need to backup your data first as the upgrade process involves a factory default (wipes all data, settings, everything).

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