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Upgrading ReadyNAS 516 to 10GBe Ethernet


Upgrading ReadyNAS 516 to 10GBe Ethernet


Having upgraded previously to the Xenon processor of the 716 I thought I would have a dabble at adding 10GBe ethernet via a card.

So - given there isn't a riser I had to purchase one of these - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07GYT58NV

I then purcahsed a Intel X520-T2 card from ebay (as I believe this is the exact same one used in the 716).

With a little careful manipulation it fits.... and works!!
But is incredibly noisy - that tiny fan is really loud (as often they are!)
So I took a punt and purchased a X540-T2 card (passively cooled - but I think the 516 has reasonable airflow) and swapped it out.

And again.. it works (I suspected the Intel drivers in ReadyOS would cover it).

NB - I haven't yet got a 10GBe switch so I can't actually use it at 10GBe but proof of concept it is recongised and usable.

Hope this is helpful



Model: RN51600|ReadyNAS 516 6-Bay Diskless
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Re: Upgrading ReadyNAS 516 to 10GBe Ethernet

I can only seem to attach one picture (and they appear as an attachment on the left hand side) - so the picture in the post above shows the ReadyNAS web interface. This picture shows how it actually fits (obviously once you attach it to the backplate it stands straight).

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