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Upgradring from RND4000 V3 to RNDU4000


Upgradring from RND4000 V3 to RNDU4000

My RND4000 V3 died on me, and I now have to find myself a new ReadyNas.

A friend of mine has a RNDU4000, will I be able to put my 4 disks from the RND4000v3 into the RNDU4000 and see my files again? As far as I know filesystem and raid setup should be the same?

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Re: Upgradring from RND4000 V3 to RNDU4000

No. You could get a new OS6 ReadyNAS and contact support. See ReadyNAS: Migrating disks from RAIDiator to OS 6

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Re: Upgradring from RND4000 V3 to RNDU4000

While OS4.1.x on your NV+ and OS4.2.x on the Ultra4 look similar, they have different file system formats (XRAID vs XRAID2) and one is code for a SPARC processor and the other for an Intel.  Since the OS boots from the drives and your drives have code for a SPARC, the Intel based machine won't be able to boot it.


Ufortunately, migration from older to newer NASes is not made easy by Netgear.  But, with the (probably paid) help of Netgear support, you can at least recover your data with an OS6 based system if the NAS failed and the data volume is intact (see link in previous message).  If you have a backup of the data, you can just restore that to your new NAS.  There never was a 4.1.x to 4.2.x data migration capability.

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Re: Upgradring from RND4000 V3 to RNDU4000

The volume can also be mounted on an x86 linux system - http://home.bott.ca/webserver/?p=306


Note that "live" boot disks for linux will run on most PCs.

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