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Volume PRIMMASS health changed from Degraded to Dead


Volume PRIMMASS health changed from Degraded to Dead

Hello, Guys!
I need your help or hints, please!

Past system administrators who worked in the organization negligently treated the NetGear ReadyNAS 3220 (12x4TB, RAID 6) network storage. When I looked at the network storage, I saw that 5 of the 12 disks were in the "Degraded" state. We ordered exactly the same hard drives. Since ReadyNAS 3220 supports hot-swapping disks, first we pulled out the most broken disk and replaced it with a new one. After that, I saw the message in the logs: "notice:volume:LOGMSG_HEALTH_VOLUME Volume PRIMMASS health changed from Degraded to Dead." In the web interface, the replaced disk was completely gray, and the rest were red. And an error message appeared: "Remove inactive volumes to use the disk. Disk #1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12" (the seventh is missing). Please help me. Is it possible to solve the problem? Or 100% rebuild RAID? I can send logs of a system



Model: RN322124E|ReadyNAS 3220 12x4TB Enterprise Drive
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Re: Volume PRIMMASS health changed from Degraded to Dead

When you replace a disk, it is rebuilt from the remaining ones in the volume.  If those disks can't be read (or if they otherwise fail during the resync), there can be data loss.


One option is to contract Netgear for data recovery.  https://kb.netgear.com/69/ReadyNAS-Data-Recovery-Diagnostics-Scope-of-Service


You could also try powering down, and cloning the 4 remaining marginal disks to the new ones (using sector by sector cloning).  Then put the new ones into the NAS, and try powering up (without disk 7 to begin with).  There can still be data loss, but it is possible that the volume will mount, so it wouldn't be total.

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