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Where is gone my so stable NAS? #25300480


Where is gone my so stable NAS? #25300480


I come back to the forum to see if I can find some stable release fro my ReadyNAS 104.

Here is my story by reading my initrd.log

[2013/11/01 04:03:23] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.0.0 to 6.1.4.
[2014/01/05 07:31:06] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.1.4 to 6.1.5.
[2014/02/17 15:56:45] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.1.5 to 6.1.6.
[2014/08/12 04:44:02] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.1.6 (1391111179) to 6.1.8 (1398980083).
[2014/10/08 08:31:03] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.1.8 (1398980083) to 6.1.9 (1409791183).
[2014/12/25 18:37:23] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.1.9 () to 6.2.2 (ReadyNASOS).

I had never got a freeze in 1 year until the day I've upgraded to 6.2.2. This was really bad move. Never been satisfied since this day.

[2015/02/07 14:05:48] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.2.2 (ReadyNASOS) to 6.2.3-T1696 (Beta 4).

Went on this forum to find an early release to fix. Same issue

[2015/02/13 18:08:28] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.2.3-T1696 (Beta 4) to 6.2.3-T1703 (Beta 5).

Still the same

[2015/02/16 07:14:34] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.2.3-T1703 (Beta 5) to 6.3.3-T135 (Beta 5).

I've adopted the 6.3.3 and what a relief!
I found some stability even if situation is not perfect. One drawback is louder fan which was getting on my nerves (NAS is in my bedroom).
So i've planned some sleeping period with feature power timer in settings.
But NAS was having a random behavior between
-I start smoothly and running fine
-I start but displaying "Cannot Connect to Discovery Server" and only available on ping but nothing more
-I don't start at all, I'm too lazy this morning
So I decided after 3 monthes that Netgear may have fixed these kind of issues

[2015/05/11 17:52:12] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.3.3-T135 (Beta 5) to 6.3.3-T153 (Beta 12).

I've been to last beta which fix fan issue.
Arghhhh freezing nightmare is back.
It seems that the new feature "I freeze all the time" 😞 has been merged from 6.2.X to 6.3.X branch between 135 and 153 subversion

[2015/05/16 19:33:07] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.3.3-T153 (Beta 12) to 6.2.4 (ReadyNASOS).

Oh? there is a stable release in 6.2. Let's try the 6.2.4. Not so stable, still freezing

[2015/06/04 01:53:45] Updated from ReadyNASOS 6.2.4 (ReadyNASOS) to 6.3.4 (ReadyNASOS).

Oh? there is a stable release in 6.3. Let's try the 6.3.4. Nope still freezing

So today I decided to go back to my quite stable 6.3.3-T135 (Beta 5) with its noisy fan and random behaviour at startup 😞 😞

Two questions :
-is it possible to have stable version without freeze?
-is it possible meanwhile to tweak fan speed?
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Re: Where is gone my so stable NAS?

Please send me your logs (see the Sending Logs link in my sig).
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Re: Where is gone my so stable NAS?

Logs sent
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Re: Where is gone my so stable NAS? #25300480

End of the story for the forumers

Finally a RMA was done on my NAS.
Maybe old NAS was not supporting slightly higher temperature which was hidden by the higher speed of the fan of the only FW which was working for me.
I will never know.

New NAS came with 6.2.0. Even with a heavy transfer phase from old NAS to new one, there is no sign of freezing on new NAS.
Migrated to 6.2.4 and all seems fine until now whereas with old NAS freezing was very frequent with this FW.

So I would like to make big "THANKS" to mdgm who helped me to troubleshoot, find a solution, helped with N2 support, and answered with patience to all my newbie questions.

Thank you to forumers and THANKS mdgm

Netagear user back to happiness 😄
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