best way to backup iSCSI?


I have two Pro6 Pioneer one to work with and one as off-site backup?

right now i do the backup of all shares with the Frontview backup so the off-site one "pull" to data form the live one with rsync.
I plan to use a 2TB iSCSI drive on the live one and since rsync may not be the best way to backup a 2tb file what will be the best option?

I have ssh access to both so I don't mind to something on the shell if there is a better way there.

BTW will there be a problem if the iSCSI target is in use when the backup will take place?
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Re: best way to backup iSCSI?

First thing you need to really be careful is rsync is file based. So if your iSCSI LUN gets very large and the data connection drops, you'll have to resend the entire file.

Second is the state of the data/application. As you mentioned if the data is changing at the time of copy/backup then the data may not be in a useful state on the offsite device. How big of an issue this is depends on the data and application. Some applications recovery very well. Some do not.
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Re: best way to backup iSCSI?

You might prefer to backup from a PC that has mounted the iSCSI target to the iSCSI targeted mounted on a PC at the remote site. That way you could use 3rd party software on your PC to do the backup which might be more suitable for the iSCSI target.

Other options would include backing up to USB disks and rotating those off-site or even backing up to a fireproof hard drive.
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